Health information is everywhere online and it is important to know where to look and what to trust.

We are iHERE for you to help you develop a set of skills to surf-and-learn from trusted sources. Our course is guided, developed by experts in health promotion, and available as an app to learn on the go! 

Our course is not a replacement to a doctor, but it will improve communication with them and empower you lead a healthier life. 

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Our program is designed to help your life-long learners and/or students swim the digital ocean of health-related information and look after themselves.

iHERE will equip them with a set of skills, knowledge and attitutes, enhance their critical thinking, which together with their healthcare professional will empower them to develop their personal healthcare plan.

The course is not a replacement to a doctor, or to be used as a self-diagnostic tool, but to improve communication with their doctors, develop their self-confidence and critical thinking on the validity and accuracy of online health-related information that is freely available. 

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