Item 37

International Hashtag Day-23rd August

23 August marks International #Hashtag Day. The hashtag concept was born on 23 August 2007 and became a way of organising content on all social platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook…) using keywords preceded by the number symbol (#).  In this way, anyone wishing to highlight the subject of the content they are sharing on a particular social network can use this tag. Within the Digital Health Literacy concept in which the iHERE project is framed, the hashtag concept takes on special meaning in that it is one of the ways in which the population can search for and find relevant information on a specific current topic, or even make visible realities and problems that previously went unnoticed, becoming a way of raising awareness worldwide.

The iHERE project has developed different hashtags to make the project and its content visible on social networks. Among them we can find the following: #ihereproject #healthcare #mHealth #digitalhealth #digitalhealthliteracy #healthliteracy #healthinnovations #digitaleducation #healthapps #patienteducation #empowerment #healthempowerment #digitalhealthempowerment