Item 38

World Humanitarian Day

On the occasion of International Healthcare Day (WHD), the iHERE project consortium would like to recall the importance of highlighting and paying tribute to all the healthcare professionals and humanitarian workers who, despite the circumstances in which they work, given the scarcity of technological, pharmaceutical, personnel and financial resources, continue to work in all the countries of the world to ensure that the population, especially the most vulnerable, has access to quality healthcare.  In this sense, the project partners have worked on several projects with the aim of improving the socio-health care received by the most vulnerable groups, such as the population over 65 years of age, the immigrant and refugee population and the population at risk of poverty and social exclusion. Along these lines, we would like to remind you of the work being carried out in the iHERE project, which is making the most of the opportunities offered by information and communication technologies to improve the socio-health care of these population groups.

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