Item 39

Divided into 6 categories, this wellness wheel exercise can help you better reflect on your overall wellness and how you cope with stress.


Starting at the center of the wheel, color in each section the percentage of your level of wellness. For example, if you feel you are 50 percent well in the physical dimension, start in the center and color out to the “50 percent” line in the physical section on the wheel. If you feel you are 100 percent well in the physical dimension, color in that whole section.

Once you’ve assessed your wellness in each section, draw a circle around the outer edge of the colored areas. This will create a new outer edge for your wheel. Ask yourself: How round is it? Which sections have the most color? Which sections have the least color?

Objective: You should aim to have a well-balanced wheel, so it rolls smoothly. Your wellness wheel is a snapshot in time. Periodically review and update your wheel to maximize the tool’s usefulness.

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