Lesson 1 How to improve your mental wellbeing

Besides the classical therapy and treatment there are also other ways to strengthen one’ s mental health. It is important to note that not all methods are equally effective for everyone. You have to test and practice them individually to get a positive effect.

In general, frequent repetitions are recommended to achieve a lasting effect and beneficial results. 

Possible options would be:

  • Mediation
  • Sport
  • Social Contact
  • Hobbies

Meditation has a noticeable effect on the psyche after just a few hours – less susceptibility to stress and a feeling of inner peace and balance. This in turn has an effect on physical aspects such as blood pressure, immune system or cholesterol levels. Meditation changes the way the nervous system processes stimuli by creating pauses. We do not react immediately to a stressful situation or negative emotions – by fleeing or distracting ourselves, for example. Instead, we let life, including all our thoughts and feelings, be for a moment, just as it is.

We all know the pleasant effect of physical activity: after sport, a relaxed tiredness sets in the body and you feel proud of your performance. Endurance athletes in particular are also familiar with another effect of sporting activity: the brightening of mood. The endorphins released have a euphoric effect.

In progressive muscle relaxation, the large muscle groups in the body are alternately tensed and relaxed. You either start at the head and go down to the feet, or vice versa. In this way, deep physical and mental relaxation can be achieved. Start with the muscles of the forehead, eyes, mouth, jaw, neck, and shoulders through the upper back to the chest, biceps, upper arms, hands, abdomen, buttocks, loins, legs, upper thighs, calves, and feet. Each muscle group is held for 5 seconds and then relaxed for 10-15 seconds.

  • See also Mindfulness training (Lesson traumatical disorder in exercises)

→ For all these techniques, you can find guides, examples and instructions to perform and practice this in health apps, health insurance or even online.


Exercises: What to do when you are feeling down?

  • regular physical activity (endurance sports, long walks)
  • Physical toughening up (cold showers)
  • relaxation techniques (autogenic training, yoga)
  • healthy diet (rich in vitamins and carbohydrates)
  • Good lifestyle (sufficient sleep, no indulgence, consideration of personal feelings)