Lesson 1 Relevance and Importance of Mental Health

Mental health is still a taboo subject in many societies. As a result, many people still find it difficult to talk about their mental health issues and get appropriate help. Those affected are often ashamed or have a false image of mental illness.

It should be everyone’s goal to change their own attitude towards psychological problems, to be more open and tolerant and to be able to talk about their own problems and difficulties, feelings and needs. In this way we can contribute together to create a more open society, where mental health is no longer a taboo subject and the ways to get help become widely accessible and transparent.

The biggest challenge for those affected by mental illness is taking the step to seek professional advice and help. However, in the absence of support, symptoms may worsen, and this could lead to social withdrawal, isolation, self-injury and suicide.

Video: How to spot signs of mental disorders