Lesson 2 Search Browsers: Google Chrome

A search engine allows us to search for all types of information (images, documents, videos, etc…). They help us to find answers to questions we have. For this purpose, all you have to do is enter the information you want to find in the search bar.

There are several search engines on the Internet. Some examples are Google, Yahoo, Baidu, Ask, Dogpile, Ecosia… Out of all of them, the best rated and the most used is Google. Below is a concrete example of how to use the Google search engine (although they all work in a similar way).

1. Open the Google Chrome search. To do it, click on the Google Chrome icon that  appears on your mobile phone.   

2. Click on the Google Chrome emoticon.

3. Use the Google Toolbar to search for the content you want, typing the information you want to search.


On the bar, you can type the website address.

In the text box and search bar, it is possible to write, the writing cursor flashes.


Why use multiple tabs on your browser?

Quite often your search leads you to visiting several websites to obtain all the information you need. In this case, it is best to create an additional tab in your browser for each site you visit. This way, you can return to each of the sites any time by clicking on the corresponding tab. It is easy to create an additional tab: Click on the three dots icon at the top and select the New Tab option.

Research results: Click on a link to access a page.