Lesson 4 Parents’ views on vaccination

  • Parents express that they would like more information about vaccinations.
  • Public health nurses-counsellors provide information about the vaccines to  parents; however, parents feel that only the benefits of vaccines are highlighted and they are not informed about potential risks.
  • Some parents feel that they are forced to vaccinate their children and are not sure about  their decision because have not been properly informed.
  • Parents that refuse to vaccinate their children feel judged by others
  • They are aware that their child is both at risk and a risk because they have not been vaccinated.
  • They feel that their unvaccinated  are not treated the same as vaccinated children by health professionals.

Chapter 4 summary

After finishing this chapter, you should have learned…

  • About COVID-19 and the development of the vaccine
  • How can media affect vaccinations
  • Decision of parents to vaccinate their children