Lesson 4 Sexual violence

  • Understand what sexual violence is
  • Understand what you have to do if you are a victim of sexual violence

Sexual violence is any unwanted sexual contact or being forced to do so.
It can be unwanted touches, kisses or even rape.
Also sexually oriented remarks can be a form of unwanted sexually agressive behavior.
It may also include psychological intimidation, blackmail or other threats.

‘Unwanted’ means that it is done without consent and thereby crosses your boundaries.

As long as you do not explicitly consent to any kind of sexual contact, it is considered to be sexual violence. Also when you are drunk, drugged, asleep or mentally incapable of understanding the situation. 
You have the right to say ‘no’ whenever you don’t want any kind of sexual contact. Your boundaries should be respected.

Sexual violence can occur within your relationship with your partner but also with others, for example with relatives, friends, ex-partners or someone you don’t know.

Watch this video to learn more about consent:

  • Go to a place where you feel safe: at a friend’s place, with family, at home, with the police, at the hospital or another healthcare provider.
  • Talk to someone you trust. Don’t feel ashamed or guilty, it happens to a lot of people. It is not your fault, you cannot provoke sexual violence.
  • If you want to report it, go to the police as soon as possible.
    You can also talk about it with your doctor or go to the emergencies at the hospital.
    You will get the support you need. If you wish, they can contact the police for you.

Even years after it happened it can still be useful to report sexual violence.