Lesson 4 Vaccination myths

MMR vaccines can cause autism
  • No link between autism and vaccination
  • A 1988 study sparked rumours about a link between the MMR vaccine and autism but it as then found that the study was severely faulty and has been withdrawn.
Better to get sick than get vaccinated
  • The side-effects that might be caused from getting the disease might pose greater risk than the side-effects of the vaccine
Good hygiene and sanitation are responsible for the decrease in infections
  • Some infections will still spread regardless of the hygiene and sanitation levels that take place.
Low infection numbers means that there is no more need for vaccination
  • Even though some diseases are rare they still exist
  • There are still people with low immunity coverage that are in risk.

Chapter 3 summary

After finishing this chapter, you should have learned…

  • What is a vaccine and what is their aim
  • The different types of vaccines, how they are created and examples
  • How a vaccine is created and the stages
  • Myths and actual facts about vaccines